Friday, February 27, 2015

James Murray-White on Merging Film and Neuroscience

Link to "When arts and sciences collide: Designing a live brain experiment in CP Snow’s city of Two Cultures"

"There is always a point in these conversations, observations and filming sessions, where the drama-trained, creative brain I have takes over, and most of my questions come from this place of creative imagination. The process of scientific enquiry also intrigues me, and the rigorous discipline of examination and observation that those involved in science must apply to their work. I’m curious about different approaches to process: for me, the process of having an idea, or finding a story and examining it from all angles and finding the way in to write about it or film it. This will usually involve research, interviews, thought and deliberation. The creative process, with my former hat on as a theatre-maker, involves teasing out the written word into the spoken, making the action physical and embellishing that with a physical world around it."

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