Friday, March 20, 2015

Alina Von Davier - Neuroscience, Art, and Measurement

A few weeks after the immersive intellectual and cultural experience at the Salzburg Global Seminar, I find myself looking at my work differently. It is as if I got an additional pair of eyes that give me a different insight in the world around me.

I am writing today to share with you the points of connection to your work that I identified and on which I worked far.It is astonishing how many possibilities I found, despite the fact that I am neither a neuroscientist nor an artist. I guess I was the lucky sponge amidst the highly-strung creative folks that you are.

Anyway, here are my "news." 

1. Together with a group of brilliant individuals (psychologists, neuroscientists), yesterday I submitted a proposal on the measurement of individuals and teams processes using neurodata, multimodal data (eye-tracking, face-tracking, body language), behavior and cognitive data. This proposal was planned before the Salzburg seminar, but working on it after the seminar made quite a difference to me.

2. Together with two other researchers I've been working on a book chapter on the issues related to the assessment of language and educational competencies of second-language learners. After the seminar, I realized that I can include a perspective from neuroscience and I reached out to you. Manuela Macedonia and Siyuan Liu sent me helpful references. Thank you! Now, our chapter in an assessment book will have references to neuroscience. Who knows whom it will inspire?

3. I am planing to visit Siyuan Liu's lab in DC. We are actually planning it. Maybe one of my data scientists will go. I am interested in working with the neuroscientists on language assessments, using our language tests.

4. I am also happy for my new FB friends. Their posts give me new perspectives. 

5. I also have plans for reaching out to other participants. One step at a time.

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