Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Patricia Leavy - Responses to Salzburg

Dear all,

I had SUCH a profound experience participating in our seminar. I really felt being with all of you was liking winning the golden ticket. Thank you! The possibilities and connections that opened up in my mind have forever changed the way I think and see. My sincere apologies for not joining the blog discussion sooner (although I have been creeping in and reading as much as I can). I have had nearly nonstop travel since leaving Salzburg. Lots of exciting speaking gigs I would love to tell you about as well as follow-up with several of you regarding possibilities for collaboration. For now, I’d like to share two things. Firs, an essay I was recently asked to write for The Sociological Imagination.
Social Fiction: Writing Social Science Research as Fiction by Patricia Leavy

Second, I recently did an interview for the web series “Fresh Talk with Amy Leigh Mercree.” KAL-- I thought of you in response to the first question about freedom of expression (you can just watch the first few minutes if you want to see-- I didn’t say your name per the “needing permission to quote anyone” rule, but of course you can see I was thinking of you).

Patricia Leavy 

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