Friday, April 17, 2015

Rebecca Kamen - Building New Bridges Between Art and Neuroscience

Building New Bridges Between Art and Neuroscience

It’s been extremely busy since returning from the Salzburg Seminar building new
bridges between various art and neuroscience communities. Several dialogues
seeded at the Seminar are developing into exciting collaborative projects, which
will be shared as they develop further in future blog entries.

The following are some current and upcoming art and neuroscience activities that
have occurred since returning from the Salzburg:

I have just returned from presenting a lecture on Art and Neuroscience, at the Art
Center in Sun Valley, Idaho. The lecture was in conjunction with a current art
exhibition at the Art Center titled The Brain, featuring some of my work inspired
by neuroscience. Here is a link:

Another art / neuroscience lecture will be presented in May at the Marine
Biological Lab in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Some other exciting news to share, Noah Hutton's and my work is featured in a
recent article title: Cerebral Reverberations in SciArt in America Magazine. Here
is a link:

Finally, early this month a NINDS (National Institute of Neurological Disorders
and Stroke) Group Merit Award was received for my contribution to the current
Santiago Ramon y Cajal exhibition at National Institutes of Health. Here is the

"This group is recognized for its innovative collaboration bridging art and science
to create a gallery of original art celebrating neuroscience in the Porter
Neuroscience Research Center (PNRC). In addition to the Cajal exhibit, the
Atrium gallery includes original sculptures, by Rebecca Kamen, whose
enthusiasm and artistic vision inspired the exhibition and whose creative
sculpture graces the walls of the new PNRC…. There is great hope that the
cross-pollination within the Porter facility will encourage shifts in understanding
as radical as those introduced by Cajal, and that the artistic expression will help
scientists view their research through a new lens.”

You can find out more about the NINDS/NIH Cajal exhibition at:

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