Sunday, April 5, 2015

James Murray-White - Projects Since Salzburg

Dear all: article on the conference

Firstly, I'm very jealous of the upcoming meet in NY - such a lovely bunch of folk and a stimulating event might just entice me on a plane again, possibly.....

Secondly, those on FB might know I pitched an article about the conference to an online collaberative journalism site, (which is owned by the Guardian Media Group),
and got the green light, so I've a month to write up some reflections upon the experience of us all being together for that week, and probably more importantly, what has been coming out of that coming together and how we are all taking it forward in our different ways.

I'm bound by the Chatham House rules agreed on by us all, so won't go into too much detail about the drinking and the table-tennis, but I would love to include quotes from anyone who would like to reflect upon it, or to allow me to quote from any of the pieces here on the blog. I'm aiming at an upbeat feature/public engagement. Nothing technical, but curious, shining the light upon such an inspiring group of dispirate folk. Please do email me to chat about this or just to send me some thoughts.

And an update on my MEG AND ME (MEG scanner) project here in Cambridge:

So we did the final public engagement session at the Cambridge Science Festival - a sold-out session to 100 people in a lecture theatre in Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge (and in the week before to my old 6th form, Hills Road, where we wowed the students with poetry & brain images): some of the results of the experiments need further analysis, and we will be able to make a further final film looking at some of this and reflecting upon the PE process. Cambridge University PE people want us to take it further and have offered to build a flashy website, and we've been invited to present it (as well as my work in dementia) at the Folkstone Festival of the Brain in a few weeks.

On top of that I'm immersed in another Wellcome Trust application on behalf on new Cambridge TV channel to make a series of 6 science documentaries about Cambridge research from the lab to the real world application, some of which will of course feature neuro's....

my best to all of you,

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